Meetings and Events – THIS IS HOW WE ROLL

Excerpt from the Book of Stuff, Chapter 42, verses 1 through 8

1And lo, the President of HAAS said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” And someone turned on the lightswitch. And the President said, “This is good.” 2Later on, when the light needed turned off again, the President said, “LET THERE BE DARKNESS!” And lo, the lightswitch was turned off, so that HAAS may watch more Cowboy Bebop. And the President was happy, and said, “This is good.” 3And verily, the President began to have a divine Power Trip. 4Soon, the President then said, “I AM THIRSTY, BRING ME REFRESHMENTS SO THAT I MAY QUENCH MY THIRST!” And the President’s best friend shrugged, and bought the President a Coke. And the President was glad and said, “This is tasty, I mean, good.”

5And then the President had a mighty idea, and announced, “WE SHALL HAVE EVENTS!” And the people of HAAS asked, “What kind of events?” 6And the President commanded, “GOOD EVENTS!” And the people cheered, and the President was again pleased, and said, HAAS Meeting: Friday Nights 6:00-11:00 PMThis is good.” 7And then he mumbled, “Dangit, now we gotta have events.” 8And then the President then looked under his bottle cap, and the bottle cap read, “Loser.” And on the seventh minute, the President wept, for the bottle cap made him sad.

Regular HAAS meetings take place at [Various Locations While Looking for a new Permanent Home] unless otherwise stated. Location information for HAAS Xtra and other special events can usually found wherever HAAS Xtras and other special events are sold.

Typical HAAS Meeting (for everyone):

HAAS Meeting: Friday Nights 6:00-11:00 PM

  • • 6:00-6:30 Voting Period, where you’ll receive your ballet and you can mark stuff with a pen or pencil, your choice!
  • • 6:30 Vote Tabulation and Announcements
  • • 7:00-11:00 Anime Watching
  • • ‘New’ Anime – Single episode of a show the club (as a group) has never seen
  • • ‘Olde’ Anime – An two episodes of shows that aren’t too recent
  • • ‘Recent’ Anime – 8 episodes of recent-to-Japan anime
  • • Typically 5 Episodes, then a Break, then 6 episodes.

Every first Friday of the month we thrown a movie to be voted on into the rotation. This is means we’ll vote and show a movie first, then watch a few more episodes.

Special HAAS Meetings (for card-carrying members):

HAAS Xtra – Events typically held sporadically whenever the urge fancies us, ranging from themed anime smörgÃ¥sbords, to cookouts, to special fandom competitions. See the front page for more info.

HAAS Trivia! – The very first non-typical meeting event was held on Saturday February 5, 2000. It was the Escaflowne Ramen Lunch Marathon. It essentially was a chance to eat ramen noodles and watch the first 13 episodes of Ecasflowne in a row, with some video gaming in between. However what became the star of the show was actually the video game Worms. We started playing half way through and had to stop ourselves so we could watch more episodes. After which, we assailed the white board that happened to be in the back while the second half was going on, the results of which you see here. And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve included the recap fanfiction I wrote about it in the original HAAS emailing list. Click the Next below to delve into ancient HAAS mythos!