The Escaflowne Ramen Lunch Marathon

Note: This is the original email, errors and all! (Sun Feb 6, 2000 3:22 pm)

Wow! The Escaflowne Ramen Lunch was neat. Too bad many of you could not
make, but don’t worry! Since apparently people actually liked my previous
story, I wrote one up about the event that went on yesturday! So you’ll
be caught up perfectly for the second half of Escaflone… (Yeah, right.)

And now, here it is, your moment of zen:


The Escaflowne Ramen Lunch Marathon

(The following is completely fictional. While the names used in this
story are real, any name in any story is real, if think about it. And
while the story here is based on reality, if you try to sue it never
really happened. And let’s face, nobody in HAAS is an innocent bystander.
Live with it. And I have come to the conclusion that I am not deranged
per se, but just really goofy.)

And now… For the second part!

~ Curtain opens up to show the Comic Corner back room, were they hold
classes, anime meetings, and you can get some nice heavy artillery at a
low, low price! Everyone is there, but Basil, who is surprisingly
missing. And, of course, everyone is super-deformed. ~

Alex: Welcome to an atypical HAAS meeting, the 1st Maybe-Annual
Escaflowne Ramen Lunch Marathon!

~ Suddenly a bunch of snow blasts into the room, with Basil slowly
trudging in ~

Basil: Snow… Horrible… Barely… Made… It… ~ collapses one the ground,
clutching plush panda bear for dear life ~

Alex: But, there’s no snow!

Basil: ~ looks around ~ Oh hey, you’re right! ~ gets up ~ So, have you

Alex: No, we are about to start.

Basil: ~ in a whiny girlly voice that sends shivers through everyone’s
spine ~ LUCKY! ~ realizes what he has done, and composes himself,
handing Alex a dollar bill ~ Where’s the ramen?

Alex: Hold on. ~ pulls a cord, dumping a large load of ramen noodles on
Basil, who is now crushed ~ There was a special on ramen today. You got…

Basil: ~ crushed ~ Ri-ight…

~ The lights dim, and the Escaflowne Marathon begins… Later on, in the
middle of the second tape… ~

Alan: So, Van is really Allen’s and Merle’s love-child, but because of
the ‘relationship’ between Einstein and Folken, they had to kidnap Hitomi
in order to slay a weasel-dragon?

Alex: Alan, shut-up!

Alan: I was just guessing!

Alex: Then don’t guess!

James: What?!? Folken is gay?

Ben: No, Van is gay.

Alex: SHUT UP! Everyone knows that the gay one is Shesta!

Everyone else: Who?

Kevin: You know, the one that Dirlandu slaps around a lot.

Everyone else: Ohh…

Kevin: Now Dirlandu, he’s… Nevermind.

Alex: ~ by this time the second tape has ended, and thankfully no one
paid attention to the horrible ‘Escaflowne gets jiggy with it’ ending
theme. ~ Okay, intermission time. Hey, you guys want to try out a really
neat game I’ve got for the Dreamcast?

Everyone else: Sure.

~ Alex pulls out one of the most addictive games known in the video game
world, stretching across all platforms… Worms. This one was called Worms
Apocalypse. Within seconds, everyone is hooked. ~

Alex: ~ who has proven his god-hood yet again by using his divine powers
to horribly trounce all of his opponents (the Holy Hand-Grenade helped a
little bit). ~ Okay, we ought to show the second half.

Basil: And now, for the second part! ~ pauses ~ Wait a minute…

~ The second half resumes; though many people begin to draw various anime
characters with worm-themes on the marker board in the back of the room.
Vision of Escawormie, Evangeliworm, Lurm, and many, many others. Though
suddenly every thing stops once the last two episodes are about to be
played… ~

Suzanne, Hayley, and Sarah: Shhhhhhhhhh!!!

Alex: Okay… Okay… Wait, you three weren’t there!! ~ looks at Basil, who’s
writing this ~

Basil: What? Oh, them. Because they were there in spirit? I dunno. I
could write that you are wearing a frilly pink dress too, ya know?

Alex: ~ thinks ~ True… But…

Suzanne: Besides, you spelled my name differently this time.

Basil: That’s because I’m not too sure on how to spell your name
correctly, so I’ll keep trying different spellings out till I well, stop.

Suzanne: Oh.

Danika: hey, I was actually there, you didn’t write me in at all!

Basil: Yes I did.

Danika: You did? Okay.

Alex: The last two episodes are about to start!

~ Everyone one becomes silent as the two episodes begin to play… ~
Mark: ~ walks in the middle of the next-to-last episode ~ Brentt Weaver’s
my hero! Did you miss me?

Everyone else: No. Shut up. Sit down. Watch.

Mark: But…

Everyone else: WATCH.

Mark: Okay.

~ The marathon ends with everyone moshing to the ending theme, acting lie
worms, with baseball bats, old ladies, and crazy taxis flying everywhere.
The curtain closes. ~

See you next time!


(This message has been brought to by VeeGeeO’s. Yummy-yummy!)


“Ok, I think it’s time to blow this thing, get everybody and the stuff
together. Okay 3, 2, 1, let’s jam.” – The HAAS Cowboy Bebop Chorus